Daily Kos: "Pro-Life" Group Harasses Grieving Military Widow

"Pro-Life" Group Harasses Grieving Military Widow
by ColdFusion04 [Subscribe]
Thu Aug 25th, 2005 at 11:26:20 CDT

Marine Staff Sgt. Chad Simon suffered a severe brain injury while serving in Iraq when a roadside bomb exploded, injuring Simon and killing three other Marines in his unit. Sgt. Simon died on August 4th, two weeks after his wife agreed to pull his feeding tube, which was consistent with the wishes expressed in his living will.

In the wake of these tragic circumstances, Pro-Life Wisconsin chose to politicize the death of a Marine, to score Terri Schiavo linkage points by making comparisons between the two cases in a press release. In addition, they said that Sgt. Simon was a "victim of two different faces of the culture of death" (The implication is - He was killed by International terrorism and a murderous wife). This is an obscene comparison, and it points out the savage hyporcisy exhibited by an extremist group like Pro-Life Wisconsin...

from the ORIGINAL release:

"Sgt. Simon was a victim of two different faces of the culture of death. He was certainly a victim of international terrorism, but he was also a victim of America's rapidly decaying system of 'hospice' care," said Peggy Hamill, State Director of Pro-Life Wisconsin. "Sgt. Simon died of dehydration, not from any sort of brain injuries. Sgt. Simon was rendered handicapped by the bomb in Iraq, he was murdered by those who were in charge of his medical care."
You may disagree with the comparison between being critically injured in battle and choosing in advance to have a feeding tube removed by your spouse when two thirds of your brain was removed due to your injuries. You may disagree that he was "murdered" by his family. In fact, you may be pissed off by this comparison.

If so, you can reach Pro-Life Wisconsin at info@prolifewisconsin.org or call the Pro-Life Wisconsin Education Task Force at (262)796-1111.

Do you suppose Peggy Hamill proudly displays a "Support the Troops" ribbon on the back of her car?

Daily Kos: "Pro-Life" Group Harasses Grieving Military Widow


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