Daily Kos: The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford Day 6

The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq Day 6
by CindySheehan
Fri Aug 12th, 2005 at 01:16:01 CDT

Day 6 of the Peaceful Occupation of Iraq began early this morning when people in cars drove by our camp a few times and blasted on their horns. I just assume they were blaring their approval of us.

Before we get to the less than negative things that are happening out at Camp Casey and in the world at large today, over 700 people showed up at the Camp today. There were more people, flowers, cards, mail, interviews, laughter, heartache, comraderie, excitement, and just sheer work.

We had the first birthday party tonight at our little event. Alicia from Austin turned 17 today and they came to Crawford to celebrate with a cake. Alicia said that she wanted to be out here for her birthday. So many great people from so many parts of the country and our world are here.

Daily Kos: The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq Day 6


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