Daily Kos: Party above the troops

Party above the troops
by kos
Thu Aug 18th, 2005 at 11:51:43 CDT

This is what happens when the Bush apologists put the elephant above the Stars and Stripes:

Such is the hatred of the far right at the dawn of the 21st Century. And my how the optical worm has turned. Today it is the left invoking faith, flag and family, while the right destroys crosses. Today it is the left that honors the war dead, raises up a Gold Star Mother and publicly prays for our troops, while the right viciously attacks a woman who gave her country everything. Today it is the left that patiently and peacefully respects the Office of the Presidency, while the right diminishes the office by claiming it's more important for the President to go bike-riding with a sports hero than comfort the mother of a war hero.

For the last two presidential elections it has been the Democratic Party whose nominee was a Vietnam War veteran, while the Republicans have sputtered out spurious defenses of their candidate's deceitful draft-dodging.

On Thursday, Dick Cheney, who said he had "other priorities" in the Vietnam era, and so helped himself to five draft deferments, will address the 73rd Convention of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. I do not think he will express remorse for the callousness with which he explained his cowardice. Nor do I expect him to apologize for the shocking, mocking Republicans who, at their New York Convention a year ago, sported Band-Aids with tiny purple hearts to mock the blood shed by John Kerry and so many other heroes in that misbegotten war.

No, Mr. Cheney, surrounded by body guards who would gladly give their life for him, will no doubt wrap himself in the flag. A flag Larry Chad Northern wrapped around his axle on Prairie Chapel Road.

Partisanship is more important than the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make, more important than respect for the mothers who surrender their sons and daughters to the country.

Partisanship is more important than getting their sorry asses in a military uniform and helping fight the war they'd rather watch from the sidelines. It's more important than getting their daughters and sons to fight, or their readers, or their fans, or their parishioners.

It's elitism. They are too good to fight the war they expect "middle America" to fight. And if someone dares stand up for the tragically fallen, they erupt in partisan rage. Because protecting their president's political fortunes is more important than paying the fallen their due respect. Protecting their president is more important than questioning whether their ultimate sacrifice was made in vain.

They are loathsome creatures. Let it be clear -- it is the GOP and their minions who desecrate war memorials. It is they who mock those who serve. It is they who don't care whether their deaths are worth the sacrifice. It is they who expect others to do the fighting and dying, lest they get their precious little hands dirty.

They are scum.

Daily Kos: Party above the troops


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