Daily Kos: Off-duty trooper tosses teens before Santorum event

"Off-duty trooper tosses teens before Santorum event
by seesdifferent
Sat Aug 20th, 2005 at 22:39:17 CDT

The fascists are on the move. Apparently Delaware State Troopers think they are Bush's town hall goons. Some inquiring minds were thrown out of a Barnes and Noble before Santorum showed up, without consulting the store manager. This disturbing story from the Progressive:

On the evening of August 10, Hannah Shaffer of Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, decided to go to the nearby Barnes & Noble outside of Wilmington. She wanted to see Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who was promoting his book, 'It Takes a Family.'...

Shaffer... and... other young women were booted out of the store and threatened with imprisonment even before they had a chance to say a word to Santorum...

Here are some contact numbers I found at B and N site. grimc points out that BandN are a "Blue" company so they should be sympathetic. What we should be asking is that the company will no longer employ Delaware State Troopers, since that organization has endorsed the conduct of the guard..

[I disagree. We have few friends in the Corporate world. B & N clearly said it is not their policy and the actions were taken w/o management involvement. We should go after Santorum and the little Nazi thug's boss -- law]

Daily Kos: Off-duty trooper tosses teens before Santorum event:


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