Daily Kos: None Dare Call it Stolen [Quote added]

None Dare Call it Stolen [Quote added]
by A Rational Being [Subscribe]
Sat Jul 30th, 2005 at 10:02:13 CDT

I was a victim of the press. The complicit press that is. Back when Conyers was trying to make news with his report about the election mess in Ohio, I believe the press and did not pay attention. I was also not a heavy dKos reader back then.

I should have known better. Shame on me.

I must thank Harpers Magazine, (August 2005 issue, on news stands now, not yet on the web) for simplifying and clarifying the disturbing, disgusting, disheartening debauchery of election officials in Ohio during the 2004 presidential election.

The article, None Dare Call it Stolen: Ohio, the Election, and America's Servile Press by Mark Crispin Miller, is a lucid account of the misdeeds up to, during, and after the presidential election by the election officials of Ohio. It also points out how our "Free" press and (so called liberal media) completly ingnored the story.

It appears that this story was treated like a mall opening rather than a Michal Jackson trial. How sad for all of us.

Democracy is in danger. It could die in my lifetime. I'm worried and angry. I must do something. Giving money is not enough. How can I help?


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Here is a direct quote from the article: (sorry for typos I did this quickly)

To what end would election officials risk so malodorous an action? We can only guess, of course. We do know, however, that Ohio, like the nation was the site of numerous statistical anomalies - so many that the number is itself statistically anomalous, since every single one of them took votes from Kerry. In Butler County, The Democratic candidate for State Supreme Court took in 5,347 more votes than Kerry did. In Cuyahoga County ten Clevelend precints "reported an incredibly high number of votes for third party candidates who have historically received a handful of votes from these urban areas" - mystery vots that would mostly otherwise gone to Kerry. In Franklin County, Bush received nearly 4,000 extra votes from one computer and in Miami County, just over 13,000 votes appeared in Bush's column after[sic] all precints had reported. In Perry County the number of Bush votes somehow exceeded the number of registered voters, leading to voter turnout rates has high as 124%. Youngstown, perhaps to make for the diffrence, reported negative 25 million votes.

Daily Kos: None Dare Call it Stolen [Quote added]


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