Daily Kos: The National Review Is Right

The National Review Is Right
by Armando
Fri Aug 26th, 2005 at 06:56:09 CDT

Bet you'd never see that headline at dailykos. But who doesn't agree with this:

You have to give Bush credit--he's the absolute opposite of Clinton. Clinton was in favor of small, popular things. Bush apparently likes to be in favor of big, unpopular things.

Yep, Bush likes lunatic wars with substantial American casualties, destroying alliances, building space-based missile shields, quagmires, poor performing economies, tax cuts for the rich, record budget deficits, destroying social security, ignoring the terrorism threat, etc. Yeah, big unpopular ideas like that.

Clinton, on the other hand, believed in war as a last resort, working with allies, no American casualties, building alliances and global goodwill towards America, fighting terrorism as our number 1 national security priority, tax cuts for the poor and tax fairness for the rich, balanced budgets, saving social security first, cops on the streets, etc. Yeah, "small" popular ideas like that. You know, the peace and prosperity thing.

For the life of me, why these Republicans would want to compare Bush to Clinton escapes me. But they do.

Daily Kos: The National Review Is Right


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