Daily Kos: The Making of a Martyr: Bunnatine Greenhouse - Military Whistleblower

Let's talk about Halliburton, no-bid contracting and a kick-ass public servant named Bunnatine Greenhouse who needs liberals who say they care to make some noise on her behalf..

Mrs. Greenhouse (it seems she likes to be called Bunny, but since I was raised right and she's old enough to be my mama, Ms. Bunny will have to do) has a big, big problem.

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Ms. Bunny's problem is that, despite having been the highest ranking civilian member of the Army Corps of Engineers; one of highest ranking woman in federal government service; and despite having had a distinguished and untarnished career as one of this country's highest ranked procurement officers; she is about to be ignonimously shitcanned 'for cause'. Apparently, Ms. Bunny's personal Waterloo is coming in late September, when her 'performance plan' runs out.

Besides, in this case, if Ms. Bunny is not canned, Ms. Bunny's hell raising over KBR's no-bid contracts in Iraq will never stop being a thorn in the side of the Department of Defense, Dick Cheney...or President Bush.

Daily Kos: The Making of a Martyr: Bunnatine Greenhouse


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