Daily Kos: Kristol to Sheehan: 'I think it's grotesque'

Kristol to Sheehan: 'I think it's grotesque'
by Rp [Subscribe]
Sat Aug 20th, 2005 at 19:13:47 CDT

This may have already been discussed but I don't care. It's worth repeating. Friday night's exchange between Tom Oliphant and Bill Kristol on the Newshour regarding Cindy Sheehan's peace movement is upsetting on so many levels.

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BILL KRISTOL: I think it's grotesque. I think the left has found a new weapon to oppose the president and the war, and that weapon is martyrdom, and they are using the death of a soldier in this case and the mother's grief over that death to try to, obviously, rally support, as Mrs. Sheehan has made perfectly clear to get the troops out of Iraq Her complaint isn't that we aren't grieving enough over these young men and women who have died; it's that President Bush isn't following her preferred policy alternative. Tom mentions this woman from Georgia whose son died. We'll see how much attention the media pays to Linda Ryan, the mother of a Marine who died, who's very offended by what Mrs. Sheehan is saying. Are we going to now pull out competing mothers, competing widows? I think -- it's just grotesque, I think.

Excuse me!? The neocons exploit the deaths of the 3000 victims on 911 every chance they get to justify their insane policy of attacking a country that posed no threat to the US; They continue to exploit the victims even after all of the rationales for war have been proven false, and Kristol has the audacity to accuse the left of using death as a weapon?

Just today Bush again links the Iraq war with 911 in his radio address. One only has to go as far as the headline on MSNBC to get the message: Bush links Iraq war with Sept. 11 attacks.

Daily Kos: Kristol to Sheehan: 'I think it's grotesque'


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