Daily Kos: Katrina Why you should leave your house and seek shelter

Katrina Cat 4 - 5: Horrendous (Updated 11 pm est)
by DarkSyde

When your house is boarded up and your power is out during even a minor storm for a few days, you grope around in the pitch dark with flashlights eating out of cans and sweating your ass off. You let pee stand, and you flush crap down using a bucket of water from your bathtub (Which you better know to fill up just for that reason) to get a partial flush. Anything that can go moldy does including wood. Every creepy, crawly, slimy thing outside wants shelter: Spiders crawl across your body in the dark, gnats and mosquitos invade, frogs and lizards swarm into the garage and come up through the plumbing. Food rots, bottled water starts tasting stale, the banana peel you forgot about last night is a slimy patch on the counter with ants all over it. It's like this day and night until the storm is over.

Point being: You don't want to stay. You don't want to if you don't have to, even if the storm is not that bad or you think you'll be lucky. Civilization unravels tout suite in a huge area. EMS is overwhelmed even after the storm has gone. The loss of power and covered windows and the total lack of anything to do means you sit there in the gloom and listen to your house being hit like it was on a driving range in the middle of a hail storm. Trees are alive, the tops toss wildly like huge animals are up there thrashing through them, they bend into mighty bows, they crack like lightning. And it goes on and on at high decibels until you think you're deaf. With nothing to fucking do, no decent food, no TV, ect. If you're in the path of this thing, have your car packed with food and water and be ready to go by midnight. Buddy up with a neighbor or a friend in case one car breaks down. Have emergency provisions to last at least a week stashed back home in water-proof containers in the attic just in case you have to return.

I have a bad feeling about this one folks.

Daily Kos: Katrina Cat 4 - 5: Horrendous (Updated 11 pm est)


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