Daily Kos: Katrina Cat 4 - 5: New Orleans is ficked!

Katrina Cat 4 - 5: Horrendous (Updated 11 pm est)
by DarkSyde [Subscribe]
Sat Aug 27th, 2005 at 16:54:06 CDT

Liz has a great idea to help folks who have no place to stay. Pls reco.

I wish I had better news to report. As of 11:00 PM EST Hurricane Katrina is tracking dead on into New Orleans, is now a Category 4 storm, and will make landfall apprx noon Monday right after high tide. THE EYE COULD BE ~40 NAUTICAL Mls IN DIAMETER AT LANDFALL. THERE ARE NO SHEARS OR UPPER LEVEL DISTURBANCES TO WEAKEN THE STORM AT THIS TIME. Because most of New Orleans is below sea level, this storm could submerge significant parts of the area meaning basically all of NO and the Mississippi Delta. There are refinaries, energy shipping and storage, warehouses of toxic chemicals of all types in this area. It could all mix into one hell of a toxic molotov-cocktail. More below including evac info, projected path info, and press releases. Along with some personal insight into why you want to evac even if you think your structure is solid or you feel lucky.

Daily Kos: Katrina Cat 4 - 5: Horrendous (Updated 11 pm est)


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