Daily Kos: John Bolton Visits Judith Miller in Prison

John Bolton Visits Judith Miller in Prison
by pontificator [Subscribe]
Mon Aug 15th, 2005 at 14:20:42 CDT

According to Arianna:

Bolton apparently has a warm spot in his heart for at least one journalist: none other than Judy Miller.

A trusted Judy File source just emailed to say that Bolton had recently taken time out of his busy schedule to pay a jailhouse visit to Judy.

No word on what they talked about.

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What Arianna doesn't point out is that it is Constitutional to tape jailhouse conversations:

Conversations between prisoners and visitors that occur in a jail or police station may be intercepted without court authorization or consent. This is because prisoners and visitors in such facilities cannot reasonably expect their conversations to be private.

As the United States Supreme Court observed in Lanza v. New York, “It is obvious that a jail shares none of the attributes of privacy of a home, an automobile, an office, or a hotel room. In prison, official surveillance has traditionally been the order of the day.”

You have to wonder whether any law enforcement authority is doing just that with respect to Ms. Miller.

If so, perhaps Mr. Yosemite Sam will find a grand jury subpoena thrust into his hands sometime soon?

Daily Kos: John Bolton Visits Judith Miller in Prison


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