Daily Kos: Iraq babies

Iraq babies
by kos
Mon Aug 15th, 2005 at 13:58:56 CDT

New MyDD front-page poster Scott Shields:

In the days leading up to the OH-02 special election, thinking about Paul Hackett's status as an Iraq War veteran, I wondered if the Iraq War would be for the modern Democratic Party what Watergate was in the seventies. In the aftermath of that scandal, a whole crop of young, idealistic Democrats were elected to Congress in a backlash against the GOP. Quickly dubbed Watergate Babies their ranks included Henry Waxman, Tom Harkin, Chris Dodd, and Paul Tsongas.

Even as Hackett was out campaigning, other Iraq vets were busy making plans for 2006 -- Patrick Murphy in the PA-08 and David Ashe in the VA-02. According to The Charlotte Observer, Tim Dunn of North Carolina may soon join their ranks, seeking to take out GOP incumbent Robin Hayes [...]

It's too early to say that what we're seeing is the conception of the Iraq Babies. But arrogant incumbents like Hayes make perfect targets for disciplined candidates like Dunn. And around the country, the mere fact that veterans like Hackett, Dunn, Murphy, and Ashe are returning from war to run for office as Democrats must send a powerful message to moderates that there is something very wrong with the current GOP leadership.

Hackett has said he's been swamped with calls and emails from soldiers in Iraq wanting to follow in his footsteps -- return home from Iraq to run for office.

One of the Right's successes has been masking just how few of them have performed national service. Demcratic vets in Congress far outnumber Republicans vets. They are quick to accuse Democrats of being anti-American, yet they themselves have done little to serve their nation.

Will this new wave of Democratic Iraq vets change those perceptions? Probably not. The GOoPers, they of the "we support the troops", will not hesitate to Swiftboat every single one of those vets. They, of the "we support the troops" will do everything in their power to keep our men and women in the Iraqi meat grinder, lest their Dear Leader lose face and admit he f'd up.

But we know better. And so do many of our countrymen and women in uniform trying to make the best of Bush's mess in Iraq.

Daily Kos: Iraq babies


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