Daily Kos: Ignatius Is Moved; And 100 Iraqis Die

Ignatius Is Moved; And 100 Iraqis Die
by Armando
Fri Aug 26th, 2005 at 00:37:20 CDT

Meanwhile, back at the DC Cocktail Party Circuit:

I told Hakim through an interpreter that many Americans were close to despair about Iraq. We see continuing violence and few signs that Iraq's security forces will be strong enough to maintain order once American troops leave. Here's how Hakim responded: "The truth is, this is a grand plan, and any time you are engaged in a grand plan, you will face difficulties. But we will overcome them. We are now in the final quarter of these difficulties." I'm not sure I agree with him that the troubles are nearly over, but I must say that I was moved by his answer.

Isn't that special, Mr. Ignatius. Have another martini. (At least he didn't quote a cab driver.)

In other news:

Political violence surged Thursday along many of Iraq's ethnic and sectarian fault lines, while Shiite and Sunni Arab political leaders haggled past a third deadline without reaching accord on a draft constitution. As the two-day death toll around Iraq reached 100, fighting between two powerful Shiite militias in the southern city of Najaf subsided, with 19 reported dead overall. ..

Enjoying your drink Mr. Ignatius? Can I get you another?
Daily Kos: Ignatius Is Moved; And 100 Iraqis Die


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