Daily Kos: Ice picks on planes, courtesy of Bush Admin

Ice picks on planes, courtesy of Bush Admin
by kos
Thu Aug 18th, 2005 at 17:34:35 CDT


Bush's apparently Orwellian Transportation Security Agency is now talking about ending the ban on knives, ice picks and razor blades being taken aboard US airplanes. Phew. You know, it's been hell for the past 4 years not having my ice pick to - uh - kill a flight attendant with? (Sorry, couldn't really find another non-lethal use for an ice pick on board a domestic air flight - I'll get back to you when the White House comes up with one.)

But, if this makes you feel better, some of the new looser rules may only apply to airline personnel and, yes you got it, SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS. So, that means we trust Karl Rove so much, after he willfully endangered national security during a time of war, that we're now going to give him special rights when boarding aircraft. Nice.

But let's not forget the other reason why the next hijacking or plane blowing up is Bush's fault: the GOP congress is drastically cutting the number of airport security personnel because we've captured bin Laden and defeated Al Qaeda. Oh wait. That's not it. Um, because we've exacerbated the terrorism problem by invading Iraq based on a lie and helping Al Qaeda recruit? No, that's not it. Well, when the White House comes up with a good reason for us drastically cutting back on airport security, I'll be sure to let you know.

This is funny. So much of airport security is CYA bullshit. But one of the few restrictions that means something -- the ban on ice picks and knives -- and they want to loosen those restrictions?

Daily Kos: Ice picks on planes, courtesy of Bush Admin


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