Daily Kos: I got to meet Cindy Sheehan yesterday

I got to meet Cindy Sheehan yesterday
by Oregon guy [Subscribe]
Sat Aug 13th, 2005 at 14:11:52 CDT

Hi. I used to post here quite a lot, and some of you might remember me (I joined the Army last year).

Anyway, I'm one of the soldiers from Fort Hood who went to visit Cindy Sheehan yesterday. Basically I was moved enough by what she is doing that I wrote her a letter and determined that I would hand-deliver it to her yesterday (it was a training holiday here at Fort Hood).

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When I got to the encampment, some people from the Crawford Peace House spoke to me and insisted that my wife and I stick around to be introduced to Mrs. Sheehan.

So we did, and she was a very sweet, kind person who is softspoken and clearly feels very deeply. I knew that nothing I could say could make her feel better about her son, but I was able to thank her for helping ME by way of her actions.

One other note. There were a lot of folks there from Austin and other points around the globe and the nation. That is great. Soldidarity is a very good thing. But there is a tendency when something like this starts to happen where people want to push their particular agendas (agendae?).

In my opinion if you are coming to visit Camp Casey and you want to talk about the Supreme Court, or gay marriage, or the illegitimacy of the current President, you have the wrong idea. It also plays right into the hands of media outlets wanting to portray Mrs. Sheehan as a mere tool of the left.

Daily Kos: I got to meet Cindy Sheehan yesterday


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