Daily Kos: Dems sleep while gay rights splits the black faith community

The political schism over gay rights in the religious black community is real, and now, vicious. Those outrageous statements deserved a response from other religious leaders in the community, and one stepped forward to say something. And she's paying for it with phone threats and bricks through the window.

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Dyan Abena McCray, pastor of Unity Fellowship Church of Washington in D.C., said that she has received threatening phone calls, emails and had a brick thrown through the window of her car for calling Rev. Willie Wilson (r) to task for his homophobia. (Photo by Rudy K. Lawidjaja)

Rev. Dyan Abena McCray, pastor at Unity Fellowship Church of Washington, D.C. This is what she said in a column for the Washington Blade.

After hearing news reports, and reading hundreds of e-mails about the toxic words spewed from the pulpit of Rev. Willie Wilson in the nation’s capitol, I felt compelled to make a statement.

...As a woman who is African American, a lesbian and a pastor, I am troubled by the malicious remarks made by Rev. Wilson on July 3. I am glad to learn, however, that some in his congregation were offended by his words and courageously shared the recording with the community at large.

Wilson’s hateful speech is strikingly inconsistent with his past actions. Several years ago, he invited members of the African-American local GLBTQ community into his sanctuary for a healing discussion around inclusivity. After much debate, it was the elder women of the church who stood and brought order to the situation. I am deeply troubled by any spiritual leader who will say one thing today and do something very different tomorrow. It is difficult to comprehend how someone who professes to be created in the image of God would promote such repulsive speech...

How can this be happening and there is nary a word in the mainstream media or on big dog blogs? It's as if there is a complete blackout on this topic. It's radioactive. Dems won't touch it. Most progressive blogs are basically MIA on the political ramifications of this divide in the community, and the GOP's attempt to exploit black homophobia and turn them into votes.

Why? They don't have a good answer, because they don't know how to talk to the black faith communities about this and think this base of the party will always "come home" on election day.

As I've said many times before on my blog, the GOP doesn't have to win over a huge chunk of black votes; all they need is to shave off a few points here and there and that will determine many close races. Between that, and the lack of a compelling argument by the Democrats as to why civil rights for gays and lesbians are nothing to fear and everything to encourage, you get other black voters that will just stay home.

Daily Kos: Dems sleep while gay rights splits the black faith community


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