Daily Kos: Clinton Moves to End Strike

Clinton Moves to End Strike
by ilona [Subscribe]
Sat Aug 20th, 2005 at 02:24:38 CDT

Unfortunately, as Northwest Airlines mechanics sadly begin their strike today, Bill Clinton, or any other Democrat for that matter, is not in office. The headline of my diary won't be the one you'll see in the morning papers. Although, it once was.

This diary covers my experience as a flight attendant during the American Airlines strike of 1993. Without a Democrat as President, without Bill Clinton, my story would most assuredly be an entirely different one.

People often say, "Oh, it doesn't matter who's in office - Democrats or Republicans -- they're all the same." That's flat out wrong. Our votes are important, having Democrats in office really does make a difference, and a tiny group of united people can move mountains with the right people in office.

My heart goes out to the mechanics of Northwest Airlines and their families. Sadly, the only one they can turn to for help now is President Bush.

Daily Kos: Clinton Moves to End Strike: ". "


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