Daily Kos: Clinton, Clarke Were NEVER TOLD about ATTA & Gang being in US!!

The Right Wing is trying to lay Able Danger dropping the ball on Atta at the feet of Bill Clinton, but as I theorized before it was actually neo-cons in the Pentagon who blocked the ID from going to the FBI and thus Clarke and Clinton. The brass even told the AD team to put yellow sticky pads over the photos and names of Atta and the Gang!! (see diary links below)

Booman23, Topdog08 and I have been covering this. That Clarke was never told has now been confirmed, and his deputy at counter-terror, Roger Cressey, even said they were not told because Clarke would have acted on it! (Plus an Atta arrest would have helped elect Al Gore President in 2000).

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This is the deputy Counter-Terror head, Roger Cressey on Hardball being questioned by a 9-11 Widow:

BREITWEISER: If I could just jump in--if I could just jump in for a second, I particularly would like to ask Roger directly if he had known about this operation. Clearly, he and Richard Clarke were in a position at the time that this operation would have been put in place to know of such a thing.

And, Roger, I`m just wondering, did you know this?

CRESSEY: No, not at all. This was not shared with the National Security Council staff.


CRESSEY: And, Kristen, let me say that, if this information is correct, the real--the central issue is, why was it not shared with the counterterrorism policy community?


CRESSEY: Because that was where this could be acted upon.

GREGORY: Let me just interject for a second.

Roger, why wouldn`t that be something that would be shared with you when you were doing that kind of work at the time?


CRESSEY: If this was an internal DOD effort and it was being done by SOCOM, then it would be up to the Pentagon itself to determine what came into the policy-making realm.


CRESSEY: And, if this is accurate, then this is a case where it wasn`t shared.



GREGORY: Kristen, isn`t--isn`t--isn`t the sad truth about all of this, as Roger points out, there are so many clear, glaring examples of information not being shared from the left to the right hand of the government, that this would be just another incredibly sad and devastating example of that, or do you think this is something completely unique?

BREITWEISER: You know, David, I think this takes the threshold beyond another mishap.

You`ve got situations with the CIA failing to give information to the FBI. You have testimony from FBI agents saying that everything that possibly could have gone wrong went wrong. I think we`ve passed the point of this being an institutional failure. These were failures on behalf of certain individuals.

It is startling to me to think that, if this operation did in fact occur, that someone with Roger Cressey`s credentials in his position didn`t know about it. I would like to know what level of secrecy this operation was carried out under.


OK. Here we have the former deputy in charge of counter-terror stating on TV that whoever blocked the Able Danger ID of Atta, acted because they did not want Atta arrested. Obviously, the only reason to not want Atta arrested was so a terror attack could move ahead!

This is the first time any counter-terror official has stated the LIHOP theory so directly.Let me repeat what Cressey said: Because that was where this could be acted upon.

The only possible culprit in letting Atta go free was Gen. Pete Schoomaker, in charge of Special Ops and the DIA, who we now know was a secret neo-con because he was promoted by Rumsfeld to Army Chief of Staff in 2003, and Rummy even took him OUT OF RETIREMENT (never been done before).

Daily Kos: Clinton, Clarke Were NEVER TOLD about ATTA & Gang being in US!!


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