Daily Kos: Bush Shows Scar to Reporters [spoof]

Our resident "The Onion" Dood Abides has this hillarious piece:

CRAWFORD, Texas (APE) - President Bush proudly displayed to reporters today a new set of bruises and abrasions acquired in his latest bicycle mishap. Reporters were somewhat taken aback with his behavior, as apparently some of the wounds appeared to be very recent...

This is at least the third documented mishap on a bicycle by Mr. Bush since he began riding. Mr. Bush has also presented in public with similar injuries after nearly choking to death on a pretzel, and falling off of a high tech Segway...

The press conference turned decidedly testy after an APE bureau photographer snapped a picture of the presidential abrasion, and remarked that it looked like Iraq.

Current map of Iraq

The President became agitated and was quickly restrained by White House staff. He was heard to be muttering, "Again with the f------ pictures... everything is f------ Iraq with you guys... this is not Vietnam, Goddammit! I want Hagel's ass! I want this guy's ass, too..."

No one was hurt in the incident and the photographer was released after a short debriefing by Secret Service agents.

As an eerie bit of side note historical trivia, George W. Bush was not the first sitting war president from the state of Texas to proudly display war scars while on vacation. Lyndon Baines Johnson has that honor on a vacation to his Texas ranch during the Vietnam War.

Editorial cartoon showing LBJ's Vietnam scar

(Thanks totally to JSiq for this super idea... I just did the illustrations and wrote it up. He just comments at DKos and doesn't diary... I hope he'll put out a tip jar!)


Daily Kos: Bush Shows Scar to Reporters


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