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[UPDATE] Blogging from the EyeWall
by nika7k [Subscribe]
Mon Aug 29th, 2005 at 09:00:00 CDT

*Update [2005-8-29 10:31:46 by nika7k]:* some of these bloggers are starting to lose power and structural integrity of their buildings. Fox is reporting flooding in the quarter and the east bank of NO.. I am updating blog entries as I get them below

Update [2005-8-29 11:25:25 by nika7k]: I have been listening to NO TV by streaming feed and they seem to have been knocked out (they are now in Mississippi to "get out of the storm track")

Update [2005-8-29 12:4:6 by nika7k]:They were showing recent unproduced feed showing flooding in the quarter and other NO parts but that feed was also lost. Seems their server has lost connection.

There are several people who are blogging from the areas affected by Katrina. (This is all thanks to the blog digging by a fellow flickerian at our "Hurricane Katrina" flicker photo-blogging group).

Times-Picayune Hurricane Bunker Blog

Eye on Katrina Blog

Metroblogging New Orleans

Hattie's Blog

The Irish Trojan's Blog

Significant flooding in St. Bernard Parish, according to The Weather Channel.

Stu Ostro says the worst time for northerly winds blowing the water out of Lake Pontchartrain into the city is right now, and for maybe the next 30-60 minutes. After that, the winds will change direction as the storm moves away. (It's a very good thing that it sped up overnight.)

From WDSU: '9:25 a.m.: East Jefferson Hospital Also Flooding: There are also reports of water on the lower floor of East Jefferson Hospital. The flooding may be related to unconfirmed reports of levee breaks along industrial canals in the area.'

'9:45 a.m.: Homeowner Says Water Rising: Chris Robinson says the water is rising in his New Orleans-area home, but he's 'holding off on breaking through the roof' to escape. Robinson is keeping a hammer, ax and crowbar at the ready, though. He spoke by cellphone as water sent by Hurricane Katrina flooded parts of the city. -- Associated Press'

'9:47 a.m.: Boats In Buildings In Gulfport: In Gulfport, Miss., a fire chief says there are 'boats that have gone into buildings.' Waves are also crashing over the seawalls in Gulf Shores, Ala. -- Associated Press'

An oil tanker which had previously broken free of its moorings in Mobile Bay has now been secured, according to TWC's Mike Seidel. Officials aren't sure if any oil leaked.

Update [2005-8-29 10:57:2 by nika7k]: Times-Picayune Hurricane Bunker Blog
Monday, August 29, 2005
New Orleans is sinking . . .
I don't want to swim 9:34 - Reports of widespread flooding now, although not at the doomsday scenario levels. But we've got several hours to go before we've seen the worst past. Scanner traffic is busy with calls of rising water, including 18 inches and rising against the levee in the French Quarter. Dispatchers questioning officers on the scene, trying to determine if there is a break in the river levee, or if water is pouring over the top. Independently, NOLA has received a flooding alert for the French Market area.
Fairly heavy street flooding in front and behind the Times-Picayune . . . water appears about knee deep, whipped by the steady wind into whitecaps and breakers. Water is hubcap deep on the furthest vehicles in the employee parking lot, and rising quickly.

Update [2005-8-29 10:41:40 by nika7k]: Another local blogger
Josh Britton 'Superdome update August 29th, 2005 @ 9:29 am CNN’s Jeanne Meserve just reported that the white outer membrane of the Superdome’s roof is “shredded”, and that there is no indication that folks are being moved inside.'

*Update [2005-8-29 10:31:46 by nika7k]:* The Irish Trojan's Blog: 'Collapsed buildings, massive flooding' in N.O. 8/29/2005 09:21:00 AM EST Posted by Brendan Loy NOLA reports: During a morning teleconference, emergency preparedness officials from across southeast Louisiana reported flooding, building collapses, power outages and fires. Here's a run-down of what they reported: - In New Orleans, water topped a levee along the Industrial Canal. The city's 911 emergency system was out of service and Charity Hospital was on emergency power and windows had been blown out on five floors. The Police Department was operating on a backup power system. Three to four feet of water was reported on St. Claude Avenue at Jackson Barracks. And a 20-foot tidal surge knocked out four pumping stations; only one was able to get back into service. Also in New Orleans, a bridge connecting a parking garage to Memorial Hospital collapsed. - In Jefferson Parish, there was a report of a building collapse in the 200 block of Wright Avenue in Terrytown. Parish officials could not provide details other than to say they had been notified that people were inside the building. - In St. Charles Parish, significant flooding was reported on the east bank. - In Arabi, up to 8 feet of water was reported, and people are climbing into their attics to escape the flooding. 'We're telling people to get into the attic and take something with them to cut through the roof if necessary,'' said Col. Richard Baumy of the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office. 'It's the same scenario as Betsy.'' Baumy said 100-plus mph winds were preventing rescue efforts. At Bayou Bienvenue, water levels were reported at 9 1/2 feet, almost twice normal levels. - In St. John, massive power outages are reported. - In Gramercy, there was extensive damage to the town's 1 1/2-year-old fire station. - Terrebonne Parish reported a fatality from a heart attack. Also, there are massive power outages, unsurprisingly.

Daily Kos: [UPDATE] Blogging from the EyeWall


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