Daily Kos: Blame The Dems?

Blame The Dems?
by Armando
Thu Aug 25th, 2005 at 12:02:53 CDT

Jerome fears it. Now Kevin Drum and Garance Franke-Ruta join the chorus. From Garance:

I wonder if what we're in fact seeing is a White House strategy of maximizing harm to domestic political opponents (by continuing to cast them as peaceniks unwilling to defend America) while slowly bowing to public opinion (which has turned against the war)....A political strategy of using the next six to nine months to continue to paint the Democrats as weak on national security, to be followed by a declaration of success and public return of some significant fraction -- but not all -- troops in advance of the mid-term elections, to be followed in turn by attacks on anti-war Democrats who wanted the United States to pull out "too early" and before the job was done, doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility. After all, what other options does the administration have?

This could only be done if the Democratic Party is the most inept political operation in the history of mankind. Oh wait.

But seriously, there is no doubt that Republicans will try something like that. But it should fail miserably. Why? Because Democrats should make clear now that the failure is NOW. That Bush is the failure NOW. Not what happens a year from now. We have failed NOW. "Stay the course" has failed. We need a new policy. Demand a new policy from Bush NOW. Do NOT support "stay the course

Daily Kos: Blame The Dems?


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