Daily Kos: Big Easy: Water Still Rising & Catching Fire

Big Easy: Water Still Rising & Catching Fire
by DarkSyde
Tue Aug 30th, 2005 at 15:12:28 CDT

From Steve Gregory at the Weather Underground:

40,000-50,000; people in the superdome, including seriously injured people, and evacuees from the Hospitals. There are no running water or sewage facilities--and no power. Temperatures are in the 90's within the building. One man just committed suicide by jumping. 'Unrest' is growing within the superdome--and there are now military as well civilian police on the scene. There are now several major fires in view of city. There is evidently a fair amount of oil and gas floating on the flood waters. Water is still rising and the Mayor is just now being evacuated by helicopter as City hall is now surrounded. This is turning into a 'slow motion version' of the worst case scenario for New Orleans. Untold numbers of dead - likely in the hundreds and possibly near 1,000 or more.


Multi-channel Streaming Video. (IE-PC only)

Status updates by Parish. Nika 7K's Missing Residents diary.

(Update: With all the focus on NOLA I should mention that reports coming in out of Gulfport, Slidell, and Biloxi, and the surrounding area, look horrific.)

Daily Kos: Big Easy: Water Still Rising & Catching Fire


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