Daily Kos: 7/30 to 8/5 Campaign News Update for HoR, Sen, Gov, and Pres

Democratic Party Branding, Electoral Issues, Party News, Shifts in Voting Pref, etc.

* Where I've Been (a DC diary), by MrLiberal
* Dem Corps strategy memo on winning the Hispanic vote
* MyDD: The Era of Identity Politics. IMHO, there are no silver bullets period.
* Bad News For Dems: America Can't Stay Together, by DHinMI
* Virginia Study Commission on voting systems, by Alice Marshall
* Young Democrats Convention article Worth reading. They seem to want an image makeover.
* Evangelicals seek greater influence. You mean they don't have enough influence? These people won't be happy until James Dobson is elected president. That won't happen, because Americans aren't that nuts.
* Hackett, Hubris, and Heroes, by JamesB3 Worth reading, particularly point number 1.
* All politics is local, please be careful, by calebfaux Must read for future reference.
* Out of staters: Counterproductive? By Brainwrap
* Redrawing the Lines of Debate and Moving Two Opposing Groups to the Same Side of the Dividing Line
* MyDD: Caucus Compromise On the DNC's efforts to change the nomination process. I think the only way of getting it through is if Iowa Caucuses remain the first caucus, and NH primary remain the first primary. It's important to allow other states into the mix. In other words, inserting a bunch of other caucuses in between IA and NH would be a good start. NH might not like it as much, but it's important that the nomination process reflect the broad range of people in the Democratic Party and in the nation. Plus, a harder fought primary season would get more national media attention and should be used as free advertising to talk up the Democrats and expose the Republicans. The choices will likely be winnowed down over time, and if you've got say five candidates in March, but only two with a shot at the nomination, my hope would be that the remaining three stay in the debates to get free time to expose the GOP. This would require the two left over to be in a horse race, so that the media would be required to cover it. That exact scenario isn't likely to happen, but a tweaked nomination system could not only be used to find a candidate who reflects the party more but also to allow candidates free airtime to get their messages (both pro-Dem and anti-GOP) across.
* Justice Dept finds voting rights violations 'deeply disturbing' by Zachpunk
* IT guys, lawyers, all: Please comment on 2006 voting guidelines, by lawnorder
* So now that we've had 8 months to think about it..., by Jonathan
* CAFTA and Democrats
* Jim Wallis: That Vision Thing

Daily Kos: 7/30 to 8/5 Campaign News Update for HoR, Sen, Gov, and Pres


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