Crooks and Liars: Moral logic of common sacrifice

Mark Shields : ' That those who called most loudly for this war are not standing in line to volunteer at the recruiting offices is noted by the nation's premier military sociologist (and ex-Army draftee) Charles Moskos.

Only when the privileged classes perform military service, only when elite youth are on the firing line, does the country define the cause as worth young peoples' blood and do war losses become acceptable,' observes Moskos, adding that 'the answer to what constitutes vital national interests is found not so much on the cause, itself, but in who is willing to die for that cause.' We act as a nation when, as a people, we truly share the obligations and the perils of our common security...read on

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No Greater Sacrifice

Atrios picks up on more from Bill O'Reilly's latest and lowest.

In the video linked below Falafel Bill asserts that there's "no greater sacrifice" for a Christian than giving his/her life for another. I'm not actually sure how well this particular statement is supported by scripture, but let's take him at his word. As far as I can tell the biggest sacrifices Bill has made in recent years have been the sacrifice of the dignity of his anal vibrator and the self-respect of falafels everywhere.

Should I conclude that Bill is therefore a bad Christian?

Crooks and Liars: "


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