Crawford: Camp casey on Full Alert: Freepers want to dessecrate crosses again

Camp casey on Full Alert
by Acebass [Subscribe]
Fri Aug 26th, 2005 at 18:46:53 CDT

Camp casey on Full Alert, Just talked to Buddy

Well it seems our freeper friends just can't leave well enough alone. I just got off the phone with Buddy He informs me that the Camp is now under full alert. There are 3 sheriffs units in the triangle and they anticipate some attemp by the, Radical Rightwinger's, to destroy the the crosses. Buddy didn't have anymore information on who or what the freepers plans were.
Things had been rather quiet today but not long ago Buddy got wind of a threat by the Radical Rightwingers. "For some reason they have this fixation about the crosses" Buddy said. "It's a good thing we made friends with the Sheriff's office" he added.

Daily Kos: Camp casey on Full Alert


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