Countering Terrorism Symposium

Countering Terrorism Symposium
Worldwide War on Terrorism: Continuing Threats, Continuing Lessons

This three day seminar examines the threat of terrorism to our Nation's security and prosperity. The increasing number and ferocity of terrorist attacks have led U.S. officials to describe these attacks as warfare and a war with a threat that is always present. Will terrorism grow to become more indiscriminate as unconventional weapons are employed and mass casualties result? What will be the extent and cost of damage from the use of biological, nuclear or chemical weapons? Will tomorrow's terrorist employ electronic warfare penetrating and sabotaging the information and communication systems upon which our infrastructure and economic stability depend? This is the fifth year we will provide participants access to the leading edge of research to the response and recovery from a catastrophic event following the use of a weapon of mass destruction.

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Key Results

* Understand better the underlying conflicts that give rise to terrorism
* Examine the possible future course of terrorism
* Review realistic counterterrorism strategies that can evolve with the changing terrorist threat
* Develop ways to exploit the knowledge and experience already gained in dealing with the terrorist threat

Program Leader(s)
Dr. Karl Seger

Who Should Attend
Defense, intelligence, security, and law enforcement professionals, including military officers and State or local officials.

Special Note: The symposium will be held at the Holiday Inn on the Bay.. San Diego, California.

Sep 12 - Sep 14, 05 San Diego $995.00

Countering Terrorism Symposium


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