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Can't be Rumsfeld (none / 0)
I think he is intelligent enough to see reality. But his pride and hubris get in the way.

No way he is admitting defeat!
by lawnorder

have some reservations (none / 1)
kind of hard to think of Rummy "shedding the unreality that dominated at the beginning" when he was one of the main visionaries of that unreality.

by ksh01

But it could be someone who works for him (4.00 / 3)
And caught the "absorb" bug because of constantly hearing it and putting it on reports aince the boss liked

by lawnorder

That would be my guess, too (none / 1)
The quote comes from a senior official "involved in policy since the 2003 invasion." Not "since the planning stages of the invasion," not "since the White House first considered Iraq a threat."

Who joined Rummy's staff in March 2003?

by MsSpentyouth

Di Rita (none / 0)
Di Rita is often the SAO for the DoD. It could be him, though I haven't looked at his use of the word in question.

by drsmith131

rummy (none / 0)
(when he was one of the main visionaries of that unreality)

Nahhh...that wasn't him...that was Chalabi and the CIA! ;-)

That IS definitly Rummy...I recognized the cadence about 1/3 of the way through.

by NeuroticBlonde

Maybe Bush/ Cheney is finally micromanaging (none / 0)

That would make a proud SOB full of hubris turn around. Because it would finally make him realize how the military is being used as Bush's butt wipe - to clean up his shiite and get discarded.

Other than that, I doubt it...

by lawnorder

I don't agree, I think he is capable of (none / 0)

resigning, when his role becomes THE divisive issue for the Republican party. If President Bush and he really go in different directions concerning the role, number and stay of the US troops in Iraq, he will resign. Especially, if the rethoric over Iran by President Bush remains as strong as he has shown two days ago.

by mimi

Agreed. In that he is more ethical than Rove (none / 0)

But that isn't saying much as a cowpie is more ethical than Rove!

by lawnorder
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