The citizenry is not amused, Mr. Rove...

Cheers and Jeers: Thursday
by Bill in Portland Maine
Thu Aug 18th, 2005 at 08:07:33 CDT


The citizenry is not amused, Mr. Rove...

Excerpts of letters in response to Time and Newsweek's simultaneous cover stories on Karl Rove...

"The President's right-hand man is at best a rat and at worst a traitor."

"Rove should be fired immediately, but it will be hard for the President to oust his most trusted adviser."

"It's time for Bush to demonstrate true character and leadership and do as he promised, without parsing the relative legality of Rove's actions, which were at the very least arrogant and unethical. That sort of behavior should not be tolerated by either the President or the American people."

"The media are making the Plame case far too complicated. Bush can no more fire Rove than dummy Charlie McCarthy could fire ventriloquist Edgar Bergen."

"Bush's credibility is on the line. We will see if Bush really meant it when he said he would fire anyone in his Administration who leaked information that exposed the identity of a CIA officer. The media must hold Bush's feet to the fire..."

Daily Kos: Cheers and Jeers: Thursday


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