Charging RINO: Something's Rotten in the State of Republicanism

More from centrist Republican and kossack JBD:

Is there no bottom to the pit of corruption that it appears the current national Republican Party has become?

1. Jack Abramoff, super-lobbyist, ally and friend of lawmakers from Tom DeLay on down (including a few Democrats, to be fair), has been indicted by a federal grand jury, and faces still more charges from another grand jury investigating various other nefarious dealings he and his cronies engaged in.

2. Tom DeLay's leadership political action committee, ARMPAC, has been cited by the FEC for misstating its account information, failing to disclose more than $300,00 in debt, and spending $200,000 from an account that was supposed to be used to fund only non-federal activities.

3. We learned yesterday that the RNC has been paying legal fees for a one-time Bush campaign official charged with conspiring to suppress voter turnout in New Hampshire in the 2002 election. More than $700,000 from Republican National Committee coffers has been spent to pay for James Tobin's legal defense, with GOP officials telling the AP "they had agreed to underwrite Tobin's defense because he was a longtime supporter and that he assured them he had committed no crimes." Great. As John Cole said of this, "File Under Republican Stupidity." Joe Gandelman also has a good post and roundup on this over at TMV.

And those are just from the last two days. I'm afraid it might be time for a few years in the wilderness for this crew, to remind them where they came from and just what they were arguing for when they came into power ten years ago. What was that about honor and integrity?

[Update: Just a bit more on this. I'm embarrassed that the leadership of the "Grand Old Party" puts up with this nonsense. I'm embarrassed that not enough of us are out there calling these shenanigans for what they are. I'm embarrassed that power has so corrupted the Republican leadership that they do not see the parody of their former selves that they have become. What will it take to bring the Party back to reality? Or is it beyond hope already? -- 9:47 a.m.]

Charging RINO: Something's Rotten in the State of Republicanism


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