CGCS: We must be getting to them, New 9/11 tapes released today

Top of the news on ABC right now - New horrifying tapes of people on 9/11, right before the towers fell. Interesting timing for this release, don'tcha think? rolleyes.gif I would imagine these have been gathering dust for the last 3 years. Hardly breaking news. suspect.gif

At least Cindy is the 2nd story being covered. yes2.gif


IMO either we are getting to them, or they are trying to get to us. Seeing some of the images of the twin towers again doesn't exactly bring back great memories.


Timed to coincide with the "Blame Clinton" investigation...

With the ammount of errors this Administration committed and is STILL committing, Porter Goss neutering of the CIA, IGNORAD and Rummie's failure in Tora Bora in Intelligence the 9/11 guys are going to look into a 2000 "wall between agencies" problem ??!?!

9/11 Commission Wants Atta Claims Pursued - Yahoo! News

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