CGCS: Thoughts on a Kerry/ McCain ticket to unite the country

Would you support a Kerry/McCain or McCain/Kerry Ticket?

Yes [ 5 ] ** [27.78%]
No [ 10 ] ** [55.56%]
Undecided [ 3 ] ** [16.67%]

Kjustme061 sez:

I must say I'm really disappointed in the responses. I can certainly understand why everyone is so hard on McCain for his *ss kissing, but looking at the whole picture I think this would be an amazing way to bring this Country back together. As I've said before, McCain would be someone most of us could tolerate....he's a hell of a lot better than these right wing nuts IMO.
Arneoker sez:

All I can say is that I am a Democrat and don't see McCain as representing my kind of politics. If we have to have a Republican win in '08 I would rather McCain than a lot of others, although I would kind of prefer Hagel. But the likelihood that I would vote Republican is extremely remote.

I think that a fusion ticket of two essentially ideologically incompatible candidates is not the best way of bringing the country together. I wouldn't object to dealing with some moderate Republicans or a Democratic President even appointing a few to the Cabinet. But as far as the hard Right goes I say we cannot deal with them on much more than how the lights will be kept on in the Capitol Building.

law sez

It is too late to try uniting the country. The Reich Wing went too far too fast. They must be thaught a lesson in ethics and humility, if not a jail based lesson in how to behave in a law abiding country!

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