The Carpetbagger Report :The tragedy that is Zell Miller

Morbo blogs:
Zell Miller has been appointed to a seat on the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Miller sold out his party, his constituents and his country — and this is all he gets? I thought for sure he'd be named ambassador to the Seychelles.

Miller says he's eager for the job and noted that it won't take up much of his time. This is important, because that will give Miller plenty of time for his full-time gig as a performing monkey in the Religious Right's circus. (Anyone catch his act during "Justice Sunday II"? All that was missing was the little red embroidered jacket and tiny fez.)

Zell Miller was a popular Democrat in a conservative state. He could have used his powers for good, not evil. He could have stood up for the poor residents in the rural parts of Georgia. He could have been a true populist. He could have rebuked the powers that be for creating a system that leaves the common man behind as the superrich pile up more and more wealth. Miller claims to take his religion seriously. Great. He could have cited the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus as he undertook this crusade. It would have been something to see.

Instead, he threw it all away because not enough courthouses are displaying the Ten Commandments.

Miller said he plans to write a book about Appalachia. That enraged me. I can tell already what type of book it will be — one that extols the "culture war" issues that for so long have convinced so many in this unfortunate part of the country to vote against their own interests. (I know; I was born there.) In short, it will raise the old right-wing bogeymen of God, guns and gays. This powerful trinity has misled many rural folks. How else can you explain dirt-poor blue collars workers living in substandard housing supporting a party that wants to abolish Social Security?

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