Booman Tribune ~ A Longer Brief on Crawford Part 6

As Friday wound down at Camp Casey I drove to Peace House and a parking place could still be found out front but we were all scrunched in about as scrunched as we could be. I sat on the porch for awhile and then joined a group in chairs out in the yard. The Veterans were starting to show up by the bushel full. One Vietnam Vet was in that group who reminded me so much of my Uncle. Very fit and sharp and full of energy and life, and he had just finished fighting cancer and they had given him disability considering the agent orange. That was why he was there, because he could be there.

Cindy was at Peace House in her P.J.s and she was so happy. We were beginning to hear rumors about vigils taking place elsewhere and people who may come to Camp Casey tomorrow. She came over and hugged me and asked me if I thought this was all just wonderful, and I did...I never really thought I would see the day when the Iraq war was getting the challenge it so so so deserved. Maybe my husband won't go back. Maybe more will survive on both sides!

Booman Tribune ~ A Longer Brief on Crawford Part 6


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