Booman Tribune ~ A Longer Brief on Crawford Part 4

I dropped Tim off and went back to Peace House, had a 5 minute shower there and back out to Camp Casey. In the early evening counter protesters began to arrive and the sanity of the military families slipped quietly away. I am not the only "insane" military family member I have discovered.....I'm just one of the many! I looked at those people and realized that I had finally met and identified my real enemy. I finally saw the whites of the eyes of those who would take my husband's life based upon their unproven fictitious "beliefs". I met the extremists that I struggle against and they stood there floating crusty stares back at me and they would kill my husband in an instant and not even think twice. They were local mostly I think.

The protesters started by setting up shop next the beginning of Camp Casey where the fence line belonged to a person who made it clear that only Republicans could use his fence line. They were right in line with the rest of Camp Casey and their supporters began walking through camp and helping themselves to free water. Camille is a Gold Star mother, she has lost a child in Iraq. We decided to take some water to the counter protesters and ask them to use this and get some more of their own but please don't use ours.

They denied that anybody with them had done such a thing and they said that they had plenty of water but it was in their vehicles. So they stopped trampling through Camp Casey for a short time. We left them completely alone though. I guess that wasn't good enough though because they were there to get a rise out of us. One very old gent had a flag in hand and he began walking in front of the protesters of Camp Casey and proclaiming, "Some people around here don't know what a flag is for!" I know, we still don't understand his point either. Wow was he old though, I mean ancient, we have respect for our elders and we just let that slide. Then a woman and her obviously twenty something son decided that they would attempt something similar and that is when all hell broke loose.

Camille approached her and held out her hand and introduced herself. She explained that her son had been killed in Iraq. The woman shook her hand and had cold smile on her face. Then she brushed Camille off and I began to freak out. I ran up to her and blocked her and stuck my hand out and introduced myself and I told her that my husband had served a year in Iraq, he had 16 years in the military and he couldn't sleep now and most likely they would attempt to send him back at some time. She tried to brush me off but I shifted to the side and in front of her again and I asked her if she thought it was okay for my husband to be killed in Iraq and she told me YES! I asked her if she had a son in Iraq and she said no. I asked her if the young man next to her was her son and she said no. I then got really pissed and spit out how funny it was that he looked just like her. She said that if they needed her son over there she would send him and I flew off the handle. I told her that I guessed she didn't know how short handed the military was and that they needed her son and they needed him now. She began to turn around and go back to her ilk and that just pissed me off more and I found myself hollering at her loud enough for all of them to hear that when her son was in Iraq then she could come back and fucking talk to me. At that point Buddy and staff got in my line of vision to calm me and I took a walk in the other direction to the other end of Camp Casey. I was fuming and frothing at the mouth! I couldn't believe these people!

Booman Tribune ~ A Longer Brief on Crawford Part 4


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