Booman Tribune ~ Has Bush Hit Bottom?

Has Bush Hit Bottom?

by BooMan
Mon Aug 15th, 2005 at 03:20:56 AM EDT
Chris Bowers, over at MyDD.com thinks Bush has bottomed out.

Bush cannot fall any further unless Republicans and Republican-leaning independents start to abandon him. Looking at Pollkatz, The Bush Index has held steady at 41.6-43.6 for nearly four months now. There has been almost no variation during this time. This is because there has been almost no movement away from Bush among his base, and because his approval among Democrats and Independents is already so low.

Jerome first reported on this back in June. Even with only 26% Independent approval, and 18% Democratic approval, Bush still came in at 42% approval nationwide. With the Noise Machine and the Conservative Media Empire holding a near monopoly on the production of current events reality for Bush's base, we have absolutely no ability to sway it. The only way that Bush's base will start to move away from him is if the Noise Machine itself starts to move away from him. That doesn't seem bloody likely.

My analysis on the flip:

First of all, I totally agree with Chris's overall point. We need to succeed in our efforts to combat the right-wing noise machine. Bush's numbers are holding in the low-40's in large, large measure because the media is so deathly afraid to call this administration crooked, dishonest, and incompetent. Too often, the media is an accomplice to crimes and an abettor in diseminating misleading information.

I also think that Bush has a core base of voters that will not abandon him under almost any foreseeable circumstances. I just disagree about the size.

I think there is a 40/40/20 split in this country. That means: about 40% of the people will not currently vote for any Democrat, 40% currently will not vote for any Republican, and 20% are too stupid to know the difference between the two sides. Within this group of stupid people, are a good number of people that have convinced themselves that both parties are worthless, and so neither can be supported.

It's the latter half of that judgment that is stupid. No matter how bad our representatives are, we still must choose. But, back to the point: The 40/40/20 split may be real today, but it is fully capable of changing tomorrow.

Booman Tribune ~ Has Bush Hit Bottom?


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