Booman Tribune ~ Bush Ain't Human

Bush Ain't Human

by roseeriter
Wed Aug 17th, 2005 at 06:18:40 AM EDT
I make no bones about despising Bush and his cohorts. He is not my president. Hell he ain't even in my prayers at night. He made his hell-and many of ours-and can suffer the consequences down the line. And he will.

Any hoo, I read this article from New York Times this morning LEFT Behind by Thomas Lynch. The author is comparing his August vacation to Bush's and this last snippet says it all:

we humans, if we are to look our own kind in the eye, should at least be willing to say we're sorry, that all over our smaller and more lethal planet, whatever the causes, we're still killing our own kind - the same but different - but our own kind nonetheless. Even on vacation we oughtn't hide from that.


"The loss of humanity", on so many levels, is the most glaring sadness of the world today. And the Republicans are accountable for much of it.

Booman Tribune ~ Bush Ain't Human


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