Aljazeera.Net - Iraq war makes US Army unattractive

The US Army, hard pressed to attract new soldiers amid the Iraq war, seems doomed to miss its target for the year.

The Iraq war marks the first test of the all-volunteer US military during a protracted war, and army officials have conceded that all three components of the army will likely miss their recruiting goals for fiscal 2005, which ends on 30 September.

The army, aiming to get 80,000 recruits this year, stood 11% behind its year-to-date goal at the end of July, with just two months left to overcome a shortfall of more than 7000. It has not missed an annual recruiting goal since 1999.

The army provides the bulk of ground troops in the Iraq war, in which about 1840 US troops have been killed and nearly 14,000 wounded.

It achieved its second-straight monthly goal - sending 8,085 new soldiers into boot camp in July, topping its goal by 9% - after falling short in the previous four months, according to figures released by the Pentagon on Wednesday.

Aljazeera.Net - Iraq war makes US Army unattractive


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