Able Danger: Thousands of False Positives?

I'm glad someone on the blogosphere / MSM brought that up!!! As I said in my previous post, data mining brings up a lot of false positives -on the hundreds with the relatively low volume of data I worked. Thousands of false positives is very plausible with the gobs of data that Able Danger must have dealt with. -- law

The NYT's Philip Shenon, who has done some of the Able Danger reporting, was interviewed Friday on WNYC. There host Mike Pesca raised the false positives question. Here's what Shenon said [listen at 18:40 mark]:

“I understand from others at the Pentagon that one of the problems here is that Able Danger came up with names not just of Atta and three others, it came up with a tremendous number of names of very decent American citizens.”

That sounds like a whole lot more than the "60" the Times suggested...Friday (i.e. same day as the radio interview). Are Shenon and Jehl on the same page?

Eric Umansky: Thousands of False Positives?


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