11Alive.com: Atlanta - Ga. Moms Protest at Bush's Ranch

It is traveling day for Evelyn Allen and Patricia Roberts, two mothers who lost their sons to the war in Iraq.

"We just don't know the truth behind the war," Allen told 11Alive's Jerry Carnes "We're at a standstill. Why is it going on? We want to know why."

Allen is the mother of Jonathan Shields who was 25 when he died in Iraq. Patricia Roberts is the mother of Jamaal Addison, who was killed at the age of 23. The mothers boarded a plane at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, bound for Crawford, Texas. They've joined in a protest there in front of President Bush's Texas ranch, demanding that president Bush end the war.

"I've never heard from the President," said Roberts. "He's never sent his condolences and never acknowledged my son personally, and that's what I ask of him."

Civil rights leaders, including Rev. Joseph Lowery and John Evans, also made the trip.

"This trip isn't about who Bush is," said Rev. Lowery. "It's about who we the people are, and we are the people who call for an end to the slaughter."

In the same airport, at virtually the same time, hundreds of soldiers lined up for their trip to the Middle East. Sgt. Carnell Lee said goodbye to his wife and daughter.

11Alive.com: Atlanta - Ga. Moms Protest at Bush's Ranch


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