Jewish Mom= liberal, whiny kid = conservative

Jewish Mom= liberal, whiny kid = conservative (none / 0)

Apparently she is way tougher on her kids than she is on any other kids.

The sterotype is in no way a dissing of Jews. As a gentile I have no personal experience with a Jewish Mom but I can tell you many gentile parents behave this way, including mine. But it is an useful metaphor:

The 'Jewish Mom' is tougher on her own kids:

* BECAUSE she loves then dearly, she holds them to higher standards.
* BECAUSE she admires her kids and she believes in their huge potential, she hates to see them squandering this potential by acting badly
* BECAUSE she wants the best for her kids, she is always pushing them to be the best that they can be.

Sure, from the kid's point of view she may be seen as a harsh critic. He knows she loves him but could she get off his case a bit ?

Ironically, I can see the kid as the conservative who wrote this article, asking mom to give him a break and using emotional blackmail (you hate me!) to get it. And we Dems as the mature grownups trying to teach the rebelious teenager how to act

And this is not the first time I see the conservatives as kids and we dems as grownups. In fact the whole GW Bush career is a textbook case of Oedipus Complex...

Daily Kos: Patriotism


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