the homeland became Saddam Hussein.. and people hated the homeland.

in those who remained, the most cherished, beautiful feelings in a human being died, little by little…feelings to the homeland, feelings of belonging…The love of the homeland was interpreted as love to Saddam, and people hated the homeland.
By the passage of the bitter years, the government official lost his nationality feelings, his sincerity, and became addicted to bribes. The soldier hated his being a soldier, finding no reason for his being in the army, and so did the policeman and the security officer…instead of feeling that he is here to serve the people, they became enemies of the people, hurting them, blackmailing them, in order to find a useful reason to remain in their jobs.
Little by little…corruption and bribes spread even among the education staff, the educational system, and the health and hospitals sector…The majority became infected by the bribe and corruption virus, the insincerity, and dishonesty. Thus such a virus spreads quickly, in these harsh conditions of hunger and need, of loss of conscience and principle…what values a human retains when you deprive him of his principles and conscience?? What differentiates him then from an animal?
I don't suppose there would be a difference worth mentioning…. Those were the astonishing results of the slow death program…..used cunningly against the Iraqis, coming up with excellent consequences, exactly just as the program designer wanted…
Then the war took place, the crumbling regime fell down, for it no longer had strong foundations in the ground of reality…people became very tired, their hearts died, no longer having something to move them, the homeland became Saddam Hussein, the dictator…well, down with Saddam Hussein…and down with the homeland, there was no longer a difference…
But with time, people are awakening from their slumber, looking around them; they see occupation forces, harsh practices, prisons, torture, and scandals, stories about new bribes, and new administrative corruption…so, the awakening starts again…Now the homeland is not equal to Saddam Hussein…the picture is more clear….the homeland is this patch of earth, these people, these streets, trees, palms, these rivers and lakes, these public gardens, the beautiful, sad memories here and there, the cemeteries of our ancestors and loved ones, our schools and universities, our hospitals and National libraries, the Museum, the Iraqi Art Halls, filled with singing, folk dancing, and halls containing beautiful, artistic paintings of Iraqi artists, dead or still a live, and many Monuments, many relatives, neighbors, and friends, and a long, long history of our fathers and forbearers…
How can we easily give all that up???
This is where the clashing with the new comers happens….here comes the moments of awakening among people…the beginning of the dialogue, then the objection, then the verbal or armed clashing…
They are occupying us, they want to steel our fortunes, and our future…didn't we have enough, enduring Saddam Hussein??
This is the speech of the street…
But whoever planned for this war was no fool… (He) calculated for each stage its own account…He expected people to wake-up from the slumber and defend their country, just liberated from the tyranny and dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, so he arranged the suitable answer for them…violence, chaos, bombings, assassinations, and a total mix-up of cards…then the defiling of the National Resistance reputation, in order to breed hatred and loathing against them in the street, instead of support.
When a spontaneous demonstration moves any where in the world, demanding the rights of a class of workers or employees, for example…some rioters mix themselves among them, sent by vicious gangs, who do not want this demonstration to succeed, so, fires would be lit, bullets would be fired against innocents, and the demonstration would be diverted from its original goal, achieving total failure and bad reputation.
How many times such stories happened in the history of nations? In Europe, America, and else where?
This is how the National Resistance against the occupation is being defiled, by planting corrupt elements, and criminal, terrorist organizations, financed by the enemies of the people and resistance. Isn't that what is happening in Palestine, for example, for tens of years, until the story got mixed-up, and we no longer know who is with the people, and who is against them?
This is the modern, innovative way, instead of throwing nuclear bombs, or Napalm, we kill these nations slowly…so they would lose their way, and no longer know the right from wrong, nor a friend from foe.
Here, for example, when you object to the practices of the occupation and the idea of their existence, you will find some new hero who shouts in your face: (Ah… Ha…so you are a supporter of Saddam? ). And you swear to him that he knows you, knows your past, and that you are an independent nationalist, who loves his country and wants independence… (But then he insists upon intimidating you, threatening): (you are one of Saddam's people… of course… don't tell me…I understand you..).
It is then that you start laughing in amazement, on that worthless, sick man, who insists upon his attitude against you, isn't this terrorizing??? To intimidate you, to label you a traitor, explaining your words in a different meaning…what is this called??
The percentage in of this new-model hero in the Iraqi field is less than 10%, but he is rude and brutal, and he wants to scare people and terrorize them…He is a model that belongs to a faction who are the beneficiaries of the occupation, this faction contains contractors, merchants, and entrepreneurs, most of them used to perform the same role at the time of Saddam Hussein, but they only changed the target now, and instead of the blandishment to Saddam, now it is directed at the occupation …As for the notion of the homeland and its love, well, in their point of view it is a naive principle that became extinct along time ago…their country to them is the cow that yields the milk…if there was any benefit from this cow, we shall stay, and have the priority, if not, we shall emigrate and invest at other places in the world…
Some members of the new parties also belong to this faction, those greedy ones, who want to sweep away every thing on their way to the seat of power.
Yes, these are new, sick types, created by the presence of the occupation, and were encouraged because they form foundations for the occupation, on which to stand, and to be used as assistance to control the people…
I receive letters from American friends, saying they are facing the same pressures if they renounce the Bush war on Iraq, the dialogue being as such: (Ah… Ha…so you are a supporter of Bin Laden group then? ).
No, I am not with Bin Laden… I am an American, I love my country, and I do not agree with injustice. And the answer comes: (Ah...Ha…and what keeps you here??? Why don't you leave America if you don't like what is going on???).
And that is another kind of terrorism…and intimidation, and a compulsion to keep quiet.

A Family in Baghdad


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