Daily Kos: Patriotism

by Armando
Sun Jul 3rd, 2005 at 14:56:14 CDT


Patriotism is a feeling of love and devotion to one's own homeland (patria, the land of one's fathers).

Speaking for me, I love the United States of America and am devoted to its well being. Again, speaking for me, I think it is the greatest country in the world. Yes, I am one of those folks who believes in American Exceptionalism.

That is why it is particularly galling to me when I read this:

What causes many conservatives to question the patriotism of liberals is really a matter of emphasis. It may not be factually accurate, but it certainly seems that liberals are quicker to emphasize the evil that America has had than they are to emphasize the good that America was, is, and will become. To a liberal, the significant events of America's past are not World War I, World War II, the Cold War, freedom and liberty - they are smallpox, and the Trail of Tears, and internment. Neither side denies that the favorite events of the other side happened. They merely answer the question, "Has it all been worth it?" very differently.

Favorite events of the other side? The callousness of that comment is the actual divide between liberals and conservatives, conservatives can consider wars and internment as "favorite events." Necessary events? Most of them. Proud of our country for making the fight? Of course. But favorite?

No, we liberals savor events like the Civil Rights movement, the New Deal, the Alliance for Progress, the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The conservative who wrote those words is a nice fellow. Not a hater. In my opinion, his views of the world, the nation, the GOP and Bush are naive at best, and delusional at worst. But I am sure he loves our country. It would not occur to me to question that. For conservatives, that is the first charge.

The remarkable thing is, given the conservative history, and yes, I speak of McCarthyism, it is a wonder that conservatives of good faith do not stand against those among them engaging in the New McCarthyism. If people wonder why liberals sometimes think there are no conservatives of good faith, conservatives may want to think about that....

Daily Kos: Patriotism


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