Daily Kos: Gonzales in Iraq? Talking About SCOTUS?

Gonzales in Iraq? Talking About SCOTUS?
by Armando
Sun Jul 3rd, 2005 at 12:59:45 CDT

Gonzo wants it bad:

"Many of the people speaking probably don't have all the information about prospective nominees. What's important is what the president of the United States thinks about me," Gonzales told reporters while flying to the Middle East. "That's evident by the position he has asked me to fill," said Gonzales, who made a surprise one-day visit to Iraq.

'I am really really conservative' sez Gonzo. So you guys think he's acceptable? Not me.

BTW, I wonder if he notices this while in Baghdad:

Kidnappers have seized Egypt's envoy to Iraq, possibly in response to reports he was to become the first full-ranking Arab ambassador to the U.S.-backed Iraqi government, diplomats and police sources said on Sunday. Ihab el-Sherif, the head of mission, was cornered by gunmen in cars while on a short trip to buy a newspaper near his home on Saturday evening and had not been heard from since, an Egyptian diplomat told Reuters on condition of anonymity.


This part probably would interest him:


Iraq's police are in the front line of insurgent assaults and are routinely accused by Iraqis of resorting in turn to unlawful arrests and torture -- accusations that were publicly accepted on Sunday by the government.

"These things happen, we know that," Jaafari's spokesman Laith Kubba told a news briefing after a report in Britain's Observer newspaper detailed allegations of death squads and secret torture centers run by Interior Ministry forces.

. . . Six months ago, New York-based Human Rights Watch documented what it called ``routine and commonplace'' abuse by Iraqi forces.

Hey, doesn't Jaafari have the power to suspend Geneva like Bush? Gonzo can straighten them out on this I am sure.

Daily Kos: Gonzales in Iraq? Talking About SCOTUS?


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