US can't even protect a two-mile stretch of road.

bears repeating: (4.00 / 4)

The most powerful army in human history can't even protect a two-mile stretch of road.

by sunzoo on Mon Jun 6th, 2005

* [new] The insurgents are more powerful than the US Army (4.00 / 2)

It is not a powerful army. It has been defeated by the "insurgents". They are more powerful.

The United States Army is reckless without direction. It is not acting in a way that is beneficial to anyone. It is self destructing. It is by definition therefore a stupid Army. You cannot powerful and stupid at the same time.

Don't confuse technology with power. The Army is not functional. The Army is made up of human beings, like the Taliban, like the insurgents. It is just an Army with a lot of useless technology. They are in a foreign land and they don't know what they are doing. They are being picked off by a more powerful Army that is playing this war at home.

They are being abused and they are being abusive.

They are damaging this world, not only the United States

Bush should be held responsible, the American people should be held responsible and they must bring these soldiers and their technology back to the United States.

by stu piddy on Mon Jun 6th, 2005

* [new] wrong. (4.00 / 4)

The insurgents are the proverbial "death by a thousand paper cuts."

Not more powerful, but more persistent. And with BushCo. refusing to properly equip and man the forces there, attrition will take its eventual and predictable toll.

For the blood spilled because of this, the entire administration should be jailed for life.

He who gives up liberty in exchange for security is deserving of neither
by joby on Mon Jun 6th, 2005

* [new] Power (none / 0)

What are you talking about. Imagery?

The U.S. is not in control. It doesn't matter whether it's paper cuts of grenades or pebbles. They have lost.

And the Insugents are the Iraqi Army. They are not suicide bombers. That's another very small group who get credit for everything in Iraq by the Government and it's press (ABC.,NBC0

THe army that wins a war is the most powerful.

by stu piddy on Mon Jun 6th, 2005 at 08:54:36 CDT

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Blogger Marie said...

It's frustrating!!!! I just want to know if an exit strategy excists.

6/06/2005 10:42:00 AM  

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