Goliath Lost, yet another story

This long rant is to introduce a blatantly Christian story. Because it is Goliath related, and uplifting, to all that care about kids. I do not for a minute think "my God is better than yours" or that you need to think as I do or as the author does.. -- law

Goliath Lost

Goliath lost. That's what the billboard said. I was plodding along Broadway Ave., bone tired, and then I saw that curious statement. I work in inner city Denver and it had been a long day…but I had nothing on a little shepherd kid named David. With a handful of smooth river stones he changed the fate of an entire nation. If God can use rocks surely he can use me. Goliath lost because a little boy opened his heart to God's big power. Living and working here suddenly didn't seem so daunting. No matter what I might see with my own eyes and experience with my tired heart, God will win here. I have no idea what this looks like but I am confident that no place is forsaken by God. No giant is too big. No David is too small.

I sometimes get asked, "How many kids do you see getting out of the cycles? For instance, girls not getting pregnant before 16, things like that." And I say, "None yet…but maybe today." And a smile eases its way onto my face. I'm not worried about success, creating that wasn't in my job description. I believe God called me to simply be here…the miracles are up to him. Goliath losing had little to do with David and everything to do with his God.

And other times I get asked about how many kids came that week or how many families we have "on the books". And I smile again. Numbers are a game that man plays. Life is not a statistic. God does not count the converted on his divine fingers…he holds them in his heart. He was the God who spun tales about leaving the 99 to save the one. Remember? He does not weigh out success by which church warmed the most seats. He's more interested in holiness, kindness, courage and compassion. Goliath losing was not about an army of thousands fleeing but about God coming through on the faith of a child.

And of course there are other questions, the ones the kids ask. These I like the best. A.B. what's for dinner? Is this mayonnaise? Do you know if God was a boy or a girl? Anyone seen my jacket? How did Jesus get down here? Goliath losing is about having a place where kids can be safe. Laps to hold them. Arms wrapped across their shoulders.

The work here is a drop in a very big bucket. There are not countless ministries running under my care. We don't have enough staff to hold a meeting but I do know the best group of volunteers you can imagine. We never advertise our clubs. Kids who need us most always find us. We own no vans or elaborate system of transportation. Sometimes we spend over an hour a day walking through the neighborhood, getting kids to and from the church. We have no established adult ministries. There is one room where we do all our work. Around here kids fall through the cracks…that's where we sink our roots, anxious to grow some hope

The Third Story


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