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Ohio's Disappearing Coin/Photo Trick
by ePluribus Media

Wed Jun 1st, 2005 at 08:07:15 CDT

By Philip Curtis
ePluribus Media

In the wake of the Ohio "Coingate" scandal, several photos -- including an image of Tom Noe socializing with former governor aide Doug Talbott at the lakefront home of prominent Ohio lobbyist Richard L. Boylan -- were removed from the Web site of Boylan's lobbying firm, RLB Group, Inc.

According to a May 25 article in The Toledo Blade, "Mr. Talbott, a former aide to Republican Governors George Voinovich and Mr. Taft and now a lobbyist, has said he had some meals with Mr. Noe in Columbus, but he never accepted gratuities from him."

Noe, a major contributor to state and national elected officials, is facing possible criminal and civil charges relating to campaign money laundering and his management of Ohio's controversial $50 million coin fund investment. Noe's passport has been surrendered and his major assets have been frozen. The investigations are being turned over to the federal Justice Department.

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In April of this year, RLB Group's Web site featured a "Friends and Family" page that included a photo of Noe posing with Talbott at a waterfront party held at Boylan's Catawba Island home. By May 25, however, when The Toledo Blade published its article reporting that the Ohio inspector general requested records relating to "high ranking aide" Talbott, the photo of Noe and Talbott had been removed.

Web Site Altered

Recent deletions from Boylan's lobbying Web site include removal of a head-and-shoulders photo of Talbott and a link to his biography. Also, two 2003 photos of social activities at Boylan's "lake house" were removed from the Friends and Family page...

Daily Kos :: Ohio's Disappearing Coin/Photo Trick


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