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The Journey of a Kossack Blog - Part 2
by Welshman

Wed Jun 1st, 2005 at 12:19:14 CDT

In Part 1 of this story of a site which all of you Kossacks helped to create, I explained how it began and what it has now become. It seems way back in time now but , in fact, it was only eight weeks ago. Still, it was in that period of history known as Before Bolton.

It all started from a diary I wrote on here suggesting that Europe needed its own version of Daily Kos. There was a supportive response from members and from Markos , as it fitted in with his need to keep Daily Kos focussed on its main role. The surprise came in that the test site that I started was quietly turned by its members into something else. Into something much better and much more worthwhile.

From being the New European Times, yesterday it reflected the worldwide nature of those contributing on there by becoming the New International Times, with its new URL at newinternationaltimes.com and with its brand new logo:

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No longer just another site on which to rant about this sad, damn world of ours, it is now one of those phenomena on the internet known as a community. It gives us just not the downside of what is going on but also a lot of the pleasures that are still out there for us all. Across all the continents.

From a site that was set up by one person, it has become one owned and managed by all its members and run by them on a strictly not-for-profit basis with the members making the decisions.

Chapter 4. So, what can you expect to see on New International Times?

We never want to get so large that we lose the personal feel of the place, We aim as a community to still grow, however, and to do so both in the diversity of countries represented on the site and in the diversity of issues that we cover. This can already been seen in the type of topics that are being raised.

So what can you expect to see on New International Times and how does it differ?

Well, for a start there are the usual discussions that you would expect from liberal progressives. These include the use of international precedents in the US Courts of Justice where a stronger input from US lawyers would have been helpful. The cross posted diary on Daily Kos concerning the Condemnation of US in the Amnesty International Annual Report is there but it generated a different and more wide ranging discussion than on here, becoming, among other things, an examination of the nature of power and the expectations as to how it can be used in our world.

There has been considerable discussion about events in Latin America and, resulting from the dramatic vote in North Westphalia, a study giving an extensive and detailed overview of the German constitution and electoral system

The German regional elections and the French Referendum (without any Frenchmen contributing, which maybe gave a less partisan and calmer discussion!) were covered, but so also has been the New Zealand Election. Spain has been the subject of a topic intriguingly entitled Is Spain destined to fracture?. Looked at also were the political happenings regarding Canada's vote of no confidence

From China, we have had invaluable contributions such as the alert to the way that Google may be pressurised into accepting censorship by the Chinese Government and a look from a different world perspective when Greenspan says Yuan revaluation of no help to US

Sure, as on DKos, environmental matters get covered in topics like A New Baby Ice Age on the Way? but to get the real feel of New International Times you need to look at a different sort of diary on there. These are the diaries that give a true sense of life and experiences in these different countries.

Check out for example the beautiful diaries from Italy From the mundane...to the absolutely mundane! and from China How the Chinese say goodbye to loved ones. or the much plainer and less eloquent one from that place called Wales Music Coming to My Two Villages in Summer, 2005. In a different vein, and giving those outside the US a feel for your own country, there is an inspired piece of reporting in today's post Black Diamond Blues Festival, Pittsburg California, 5/29/05.

It is these latter diaries that we believe helps define what New International Times is all about.

Chapter 5. So Why this diary and what are we seeking from Kossacks?

This diary has been written to let you know what you have created and to explain how one site out of the many that Daily Kos has inspired came about. Many more will be created. Just yesterday, Maryscott told us here of the exciting new initiatives for a Californian version of Daily Kos and we expect our European friends to become more active.

New International Times sits comfortably alongside all of these. It is a different concept, does slightly different things but is part of the same family.

A major reason for the two diaries is to extend an invitation. Just as we will all continue to contribute to Daily Kos and Booman Tribune, we hope that some more of you will come across and spend a bit of time with us.

Another reason for writing, however, is more an appeal. There are gaps in those countries that are currently represented on New International Times that we know can be filled by Daily Kos contributors. Remarkably, we have no Canadian writing about life and events there, no Frenchman to come and talk about the good things of life in that beautiful country, nor any Scandinavians to give us a true flavour of their societies that are an example to us all.

So please join us, become a member of our community and become an equal owner with us of our unique site. Come as Kossacks, helping to take forward this child of the leader of the liberal progressive sites. We ask and seek not because we need the hits or the extra membership for commercial gain. We are a totally not-for-profit site. We ask because we want to learn more about your countries and learn more about the views within them. Please don't deny us the chance to learn from you and to share your thoughts, about whatever aspect you feel inclined to write.

We are not simply asking to you at Daily Kos to help us. We shall be going to every blog that we can find in Africa and the Middle East, to the many in China and India to come and spend a small part of their time on the internet with us. It won't be easy, but the chance to create a truly world community will be exciting and worthwhile if we can pull it off. After what has happened in just eight weeks, we believe we can succeed.

There is no tip jar with this diary. How do you tip a whole community of people, everyone of whom have played their part in creating New International Times. How do you tip yourselves for inspiring it?

We hope earnestly, however, that you will recommend this diary so that more can be aware of our invitation to them and know about this small corner of the Kossack world.

Daily Kos :: The Journey of a Kossack Blog - Part 2


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