Bash a judge for Jesus, too

hypocrites and monarchists (for king George)
- They want to force morals on others that they themselves are too weak to follow
- They want to destroy civil rights and the social safety net we built on this country, yet they use it at any opportunity they have

Because they are not "rabble", they are of "noble blood". They are the acolytes and sycophants for King George and his court

Bash a judge for Jesus, too

by John in DC - 4/12/2005 06:28:00 PM

It seems Jesus hates judges too. Way more than you'd realize. Max Blumenthal, son of Sidney, infiltrated that religious right loony bin we-hate-judges conference held last week in DC - you know, the one that quoted Stalin, the man who murdered millions of his own innocent citizens in infamous purges, as to what we REALLY should do to judges. Max has a great report. And if any of our old-Europe liberal non-profits - NOT the new non-profits like CAP & DFA, they're fine, I mean the OLD ones that have been around for years and who are sucking up all the money yet not doing their jobs - if any of THEM had any brain cells or backbone left, they'd be all over this. But of course, they're not all over this. They're busy Saving Phil (click at your own risk - those with heart conditions and anger issues might want to refrain).

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