1930 Nazi Germany versus 2005 USA. - Worse now ?

Common Ground Common Sense: "QUOTE(tombstoned @ Apr 4 2005, 09:40 AM)
Well it's interesting to be 'instructed' on the history of Nazi Germany--as I think I have stated several times in this forum, I hold a PhD in German and have studied Nazi history for 20 years, have also published in academic journals on the subject (and related issues), and am currently about 5 months into a project translating from the German original source documents from the nazi era. That includes source documents written by such illustrious dead nazis as Hitler, Goebbels, Rosenberg and co.
What I find interesting is that the MORE people know about Nazi Germany, the more detailed the information they have, the MORE concerned they are about current developments. I must say, I do not have a single colleague (and many of my colleagues are people who FLED Nazi Germany) who does not agree that this situation is far worse.
One thing that makes it worse: in this case, the information about what is going on is readily available to everyone--and within nanoseconds. The 'heist' is being conducted in full public view, to a large degree with full public complicity. No one gives a damn.
It's a major factor in why they were able to get away with it: how many times have I heard the argument, 'Yeah, well they wouldn't have been able to pull it off with the whole world watching.' Well they did.
Sorry, but the Neocons in this country are far worse in my mind than the Nazis ever were.
Oh, and your facts are a little off as well. For one thing, it was never proven that the Nazis were responsible for the Reichstag fire--but there are many of us who see the WTC thing as the equivalent of the burning of the Reichstag. I do believe the WTC far surpassed the Reichstag fire in its implications, the damage it did and the consequences.
The Enabling act was kids stuff compared to the Patriot Act."


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