Wheel of VOTER Challenge III: $.5K - Bellaciao collective

"Due to the popularity of the last two Wheel of VOTER Challenges 2004 -- in which it was paper-trail voting emerged to have an unrivaled mandate and undetectable machine hackability became shockingly indisputable -- we at WVC headquarters now offer the following $500 opportunity for an equally tantalizing issue:

We will send a $500 cashier’s check to the first Diebold or Tri Ad elections systems information technology employee who provides proof they:

a) Voted for Gore and Kerry in the last two general elections.
b) Are registered Democrats.
c) Worked at Diebold or Tri Ad for at least three years.
d) Will answer eight queries below to the best of your ability.

BELLACIAO - Wheel of VOTER Challenge III: $.5K - Bellaciao collective:


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